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Symposium 2016

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03/01/16 Dr. John Seo Captivates In Symposium Keynote Address

03/01/16 Efficient and Practical Mediation of Reinsurance Disputes

03/01/16 Understanding Insurance Linked Securities

03/01/16 Replacing Reinsurance? How ILS Is Reshaping An Industry

03/01/16 Coverage in the Age of Data Breaches

03/01/16 Interactive Workshop Participants Tackle Cyber Risk and Privacy Issues

07/07/15 Case Note: First Circuit Holds That Honorable Engagement Clause “Empowers” Arbitrators to Craft Remedies

07/07/15 To Consolidate, Or Not To Consolidate

07/07/15 New Officers and Directions Elected and Celebrated at 2015 Annual Meeting and Cocktail Reception

12/21/14 The New Reinsurance Dispute Landscape

12/21/14 Developments in Property Reinsurance

12/21/14 Hot Issues in Reinsurance for Liability Claims

12/21/14 The Intermediaries Speak

12/21/14 Audience Plays Cedant and Reinsurer in Interactive Workshop

08/20/14 Case Note: Grand Wireless, Inc. v. Verizon Wireless, Inc., 748 F.3d 1 (1st Cir. 2014)

08/20/14 Legislation Alert: Will Massachusetts Follow The Pack on Credit For Reinsurance?

08/20/14 Third Annual Arbitrator Roundtable Focuses On Making Arbitrations More Efficient

03/27/14 Case Note: Massachusetts Federal Court Refuses Request To Enjoin Arbitration And Dismiss Umpire On The Basis Of Alleged Procedural Unfairness

03/27/14 Case Note: First Circuit Affirms The Role Of Arbitrators In Assessing Whether Prior Arbitration Award Precludes Related Claims Against Other Reinsurers

03/27/14 A Refresher On Reinsurance Arbitration In The UK

12/18/13 Today’s News, Tomorrow’s Claims: Challenges and Opportunities for Insurers

12/17/13 Hon. Nancy Gertner Offers Keynote Address at Fifth Annual Symposium

12/17/13 Adjudicating Uncertainty: An Inside Look at Panel Deliberations

12/17/13 Underwriting Emerging Risks – A Practical Guide

12/17/13 Interactive Workshop Challenges Attendees

09/19/13 New York Court Orders Trial on Late Notice: ICSOP v. Argonaut

09/17/13 Case Note: Eastern District of Pennsylvania Grants Partial Summary Judgment in Favor of Reinsurer on Statute of Limitations Grounds

09/17/13 Connecticut Court Upholds Right of Assuming Party To Compel Arbitration

09/17/13 Massachusetts High Court Rules That Federal Arbitration Act Applies to Contracts Involving Interstate Commerce

04/01/13 Industry Spotlight: Stephen Zera, AIG Property Casualty

04/01/13 Hurricane Sandy's Civil Authority Issues Bear Watching by Reinsurers

04/01/13 USF&G v. Am Re: An End Or A New Beginning?

12/17/12 Interactive Workshop Participants Examine Thorny Issues Relating to Reinsurance Audit Rights

12/17/12 A View from the Panel: Hot Topics in Arbitration

12/17/12 Regulatory Specialists Provide the Latest Word from the U.S., U.K. & E.U.

12/17/12 Keynote Speaker Addresses Enterprise Risk Management Issues

12/17/12 Panelists Offer Differing Viewpoints on Reinsurance Audits

09/11/12 Insurance & Reinsurance Exposures Presented by Cyber Risks

09/11/12 A Highlight of Differences Between Bermuda & US Arbitrations

09/11/12 Case Note: First Circuit Upholds Grant of Summary Judgment to Reinsurer on Issue of Treaty Duration

09/11/12 First Circuit Highlights The Importance of Carefully Crafted Arbitration Clauses

09/11/12 Fourth Circuit: Abitration Ordered - McCarran-Ferguson Act Does Not Combine With South Carolina Law Barring Arbitration To Preempt International Convention Favoring Arbitration

07/16/12 Federal Court Rejects Reinsurer's Argument That Excess Insurer's Liability Was Contingent Upon Exhaustion by Full Payment of the Underlying Policy Limit

07/16/12 The Southern District of New York Clarifies When Reserve Information is Discoverable in Reinsurance Disputes Where Bad Faith is at Issue

07/16/12 The Regulation of Reinsurance: Where We Have Been & Where We Are Going

04/05/12 ''Follow the Fortunes'' Still Means That Reinsurers Must Follow the Fortunes - At Least in New York

04/05/12 Massachusetts Courts Limit Ability of Cedents to Gain Jurisdiction Over Forein Insurers

04/05/12 Arbitrator Disclosures and Evident Partiality: The Second Circuit's Recent Decision in Scandinavian Reins. Co. Ltd. v. St. Paul Fire & Marine Ins. Co.

04/05/12 When Does an Arbitration Panel Exceed its Authority in Issuing Awards? Some New Cases Take a Look

12/20/11 Panel Explores Right to Associate, Claims Cooperation and Claims Control Clauses

12/20/11 Symposium Workshop Offers Practical Insights

12/20/11 OFAC Reinsurance Compliance: Keynote Speaker David Brummond Delivers ''Tough Love''

12/20/11 Panelists Discuss Attorney-Client Privilege in Communications Between Cedents and Reinsurers

12/20/11 Symposium's Keynote Address: RAA's Tracey W. Laws  Current Regulatory Issues in the Reinsurance Marketplace

09/20/11 Case Note: Massachusetts Federal District Court Grants Summary Judgment to Reinsurer on Question of Policy Renewal

09/20/11 Case Note: Massachusetts Superior Court Rules That, Absent Bad Faith Or Fraud, Reinsurer May Not Challenge Cedent’s Allocation Methodology Simply Because It Is Inconsistent With The Cedent’s Pre-Settlement Analysis

09/20/11 Practice Note: AT&T Mobility v. Concepcion

09/20/11 Does Rhode Island Hold the Key to the Future of Schemes of Arrangement?

09/20/11 Industry Profile: The Beazley Group’s Elisabeth Ditomassi  A Global Perspective On Insurance

06/07/11 Regence v. TIG: Is There A Future For the Common Interest Doctrine In Reinsurance Disputes?

06/07/11 Case Note: Trenwick Am. Reins. Corp. v. IRC, Inc., Multiple Damages and Attorney’s Fees Awarded Pursuant to Chapter 93A for Reinsurer’s Bad Faith Disavowal of Agreement

06/07/11 Practice Note: Chapter 93A Claims in Reinsurance Claims

06/07/11 A Risky Strategy: The Seventh Circuit Reverses a Decision Enjoining an Ongoing Reinsurance Arbitration

03/10/11 Practice Note: Primer on (Re)insurance Market and Dispute Resolution in England & Wales

03/09/11 Industry Spotlight: Retakaful - Reinsurance in the World of Islam

03/09/11 Practice Note: Arbitration Wars in Insurance Insolvency

03/09/11 Case Note: One Beacon v. Swiss Re  An Arbitration Panel’s Limits on “Custom and Practice Discovery and Testimony Does Not Provide Grounds for Vacating Award Under “Manifest Disregard of the Law Standard

03/09/11 Case Note: “Storm Warnings Intensify - Determining the Statute of Limitations In Reinsurance Fraud Actions

08/23/10 Practice Note: Can Arbitration Panels Retain Their Own Experts?

08/20/10 Case Note: Travelers Cas. & Sur. Co. v. Insurance Co. of North America, No. 06-4100 (3rd Cir. June 9, 2010)

08/20/10 Case Note: Insurance Co. of North America v. Public Service Mut. Ins. Co., No. 09-3640 (2nd Cir. June 23, 2010)

08/20/10 Case Note: Stolt-Nielsen, S.A., et al. v. AnimalFeeds International Corp., 130 S. Ct. 1758 (2010)

08/20/10 Industry Spotlight: Lexington Insurance Company’s Rhonda L. Rittenberg

05/06/10 Case Notes: Two Recent Decisions Address the Duties of a Disinterested Arbitrator

05/06/10 Case Note: State of Connecticut v. Amer. Electric Power Co., 582 F.3d 309 (2d Cir. 2009) Green Light for Global Warming Suits Against Power Plants Could Have a Big Impact

05/06/10 Industry Spotlight: William Fawcett of Flagstone Re, Speaks at MReBA�s Spring Cocktail Event

02/01/10 Practice Note: Sanctioning Bad Faith

02/01/10 Case Note: Boston Gas (Allocation in Massachusetts) Implications of Recent Allocation Ruling For Reinsurance Claims

02/01/10 Industry Profile: Andrew Maneval, Chesham Consulting, LLC

11/12/09 Industry Spotlight: Nonnie S. Burnes

09/30/09 Case Update: INA v. PSMIC - December 2008 Order Vacated and Judgment Appealed

07/22/09 Practice Note: Protecting Decisions of the Arbitration Panel

07/22/09 Industry Spotlight: Elaine Caprio Brady, The Complete Reinsurance Executive

07/22/09 Case Note: Jurupa Valley v. National Indemnity

07/20/09 Legislative Focus: The NAIC Modernization Framework: Will it Get by With a Little Help From the Feds?

07/20/09 Case Note: International Arbitration... Meet U.S. Discovery

06/21/09 Practice Tip: Attempts to Frustrate Arbitration

05/20/09 Industry Profile: Gen Re's Sue Stein - A Passion for Property Insurance

05/02/09 Case Spotlight: Award Finality (Eastern Seaboard)

04/13/09 Case Spotlight: Arbitrators' Venue Choice (Lyndon Property)

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